Say No to Vaccine Passports

A Warning from a Former Undocumented Immigrant


My parents brought me to the U.S. when I was 2 years old after they fled apartheid South Africa. They risked everything to escape a segregated, violent society. Being formerly undocumented, I’ve already lived the role of a third-class citizen because I didn’t have the nine magical numbers that granted me access to participate in “normal” society. I couldn’t obtain an I.D, travel on a plane, drive, work, or get a higher education. I was disenfranchised, marginalized and cast in the shadows. With vaccine passport systems rolling out worldwide, millions of people are going to find themselves in a similar existence.

I’d just like to be clear that I am a free woman with natural rights to my body. I will not support anything that undermines my freedom and that includes vaccine passports and mandates. This is not about being an “anti-vaxxer.” People have the right to get the shot(s) if they feel it necessary and people have the right to abstain from it if that is their choice. End of story.

This has nothing to do with being selfish or inhumane. New information is coming out daily that shows the current vaccine does not confirm immunity or stop transmission. The undeniable data that has come out of Israel—the country with the highest injection rate in the world, three jabs in, and the first to implement nationwide vaccine passports—has shown that Covid outbreaks are still happening in fully vaccinated areas. Other highly vaccinated countries like Singapore, Wales and now the U.K. (table 2), along with their naval ships, are demonstrating the same. In America, the Barnstable, Massachusetts study, the CDC themselves, and even Harvard University are also making it clear. If people want to trust their immune systems to fight a virus they have a 99% chance of surviving—if they don’t have co-morbidity factors like being unhealthy, overweight, old, etc.—rather than immediately submit their bodies to governments, which have harmed or sterilized black, native and gay populations within the last four decades, or mega pharmaceutical corporations that profit off of illness, which have had their products lie and kill in the last two decades, then that is their choice.

This is not about being anti-science. Clinical trials for this new mRNA drug are not set to end until 2023. There is no long-term data. The shots have already harmed and taken the lives of thousands, but as a society we are not allowed to have those discussions. Is it because vaccine manufacturers have zero liability when they injure or kill someone? What is bad science is not being allowed to question the science and being censored or ridiculed if you do. The creator of the PCR test questioned the efficacy of his own tests. New data emerged about the efficacy of ventilators after they were made commonplace. Research on the effect of the shots on menstrual cycles are only taking place now. This M.I.T study regarding the efficacy of mandates was ignored when they were not curbing the sickness. It was also the CDC that stopped collecting data on all breakthrough infections after May 1st 2021, and who manipulated data to create a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” What is pseudoscience is not following the data and statistics and immediately implementing authoritarian rules and regulations that have been proven not to work.

Lastly, this is not about being Left or Right, Democrat or Republican. Both parties are awful and inherently corrupt at their jobs minus a handful of politicians in my opinion. Neither party will protect your civil liberties, the value of the dollar, or stop committing atrocities overseas. To paint all unvaccinated people as virus-spreading right-wingers who are prolonging the pandemic is ridiculous to say the least. As humans we are not a one-size-fits-all species and are all unique in our individuality and bodies. Those who are not getting the shot have valid reasons. I personally was vaccinated as a child and as an adult had to get half a dozen vaccines in a single day in order to obtain citizenship in this country. The lingering allergies and neurological side effects is something I never really spoke about. Today, as a woman who would like to conceive in the near future, it is my choice to not take the shot right away.

To play into another divide and conquer agenda of hating your unvaccinated neighbor is missing the point. The truth is this is a pandemic of overreaching governments, corporations and complicit media. The unvaccinated are not implementing the mandates on how to live your life. We did not close small businesses while letting big corporations stay open. We are not unscientifically masking your child all day long while the elite party unmasked. We did not have Fauci’s National Institute of Health fund Gain of Function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology as recently confirmed by the Intercept’s bombshell FOIA request (though technically we all did as taxpayers). If this were about your health and not control, why can’t people who have robust natural immunity be exempt from taking the shot when it is proven they have far superior protection than any jab can offer? If this were about your health, why were there no honest mainstream discussions about Nobel Peace Prize winning alternative treatments like Ivermectin, which has been proven to work? Why are we firing TENS of THOUSANDS of health care workers during a pandemic? Not to mention letting go of huge numbers of people in every other labor sector during an economic crisis.

What about any discussion during this pandemic of lifestyle changes, diet or exercise? If the state does care about your health, why are dozens of chemicals like Glyphosate which is linked to cancer (the other pandemic that apparently no longer exists), FDA approved? Why did Israel’s health minister say on a hot mic recently that the vaccine passports are about compliance and not your health? Lastly, if the media cared about furthering your knowledge of the truth, why is there a complete media blackout of the massive anti-vaccine passport rallies happening all around the world on a consistent weekly basis?

What this is about is stopping medical apartheid in its tracks and allowing free will to prevail. This is about not complying to a culture of pseudoscience and exacerbated fear any longer. This is about maintaining freedom of choice and separation of healthcare and state. The President just bulldozed over everyone’s sovereignty by forcing private businesses to mandate their workers get a medical procedure or get fined up to $700,000 as specified in the new infrastructure bill under amendment 666. This asinine slippery slope we are embarking on will implement a new caste system of the have and have nots—the vaxxed and unvaxxed. It is discrimination and segregation no matter which way you slice it, and yes it will affect a lot of black and brown individuals. Will this overreach of power have an expiration date? What about when the boosters come out, who will still be considered fully vaxxed then? According to numerous countries, your passport expires a specific number of days after your last vaccination. New York City has already embraced a society of digital passports that are used to control people’s movement. Is it out of the realm of possibility that it can turn into something more akin to a Chinese Social Credit System? If you look now to a completely tyrannical western state like Australia, which prohibits its citizens from protesting, traveling, and requests facial recognition and geolocation check-ins, it is not.  

Cheering on a passport system will ultimately aid in disenfranchising your friends, family and neighbors while stripping away their rights and privileges. It will create a new class of demonized "undocumented" people who will experience what that life is all about. Looking back at history that road has never turned out well. Don’t hate your neighbor for not getting the shot. Don’t willingly support segregation, having people lose their right to choose what they do with their bodies, lose their right to work, provide for their family, grocery shop, eat at a restaurant, cancel them from receiving a life-saving kidney transplant, or restrict them from doing something as simple as seeing a show. Love is the best emotion, but fear is obviously far more powerful. Now is a good time to evaluate which direction you would like to see the world go or maybe how you can change your own life for the better.

I was lucky to be able to marry my boyfriend who was a citizen—albeit it at a young age— in order to escape the limbo existence the state had me in when I had no other recourse to stay in the country I called home. This pandemic will pass but the tyrannical overreach will not. Look at the draconian policies, agencies, and atrocities that were green lit after 9/11 and that are still commonplace today in the name of safety. Can government mandates in the name of health and safety ever be turned around on you? Once the state has power over your freedoms it is nearly impossible to get them back and your grandchildren will never know those freedoms existed. Mass non-compliance to vaccine passports, with the help of vaccinated allies, can turn the tide.