Hillary Clinton
  • D.C. Cop Secretly Worked to Undermine Seth Rich Investigation

    For nearly a year, she’d been investigating the murder of 27-year-old Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich. During that time, she had watched as viral conspiracy theories and fantastical speculation about Rich had spread beyond anyone’s imagination, overshadowing the facts about Rich’s life and death. The theories had spun so out of control that they’d interfered with Sines’ own investigation, forcing her to run down bizarre tips and rule them out. But she had never imagined what she now saw before her eyes: A pro-Trump blogger and vocal Rich conspiracist had published the name of the closest thing she had to a witness in the case.
  • The Inevitable Four Year Facepalm…

    This past Tuesday Hillary Clinton supposedly clinched the nomination for the presidency. Upon hearing this news I jumped into the car with the hubby and we drove around the neighborhood with our heads out the windows, honking and waving our “Hillary for President” flags while shouting “The glass ceiling has been broken!”