The Inevitable Four Year Facepalm…

This past Tuesday Hillary Clinton supposedly clinched the nomination for the presidency. Upon hearing this news I jumped into the car with the hubby and we drove around the neighborhood with our heads out the windows, honking and waving our “Hillary for President” flags while shouting “The glass ceiling has been broken!”

But seriously, no, no we didn’t. After her put-on presentation we jumped in the car to go see a movie. I don’t want to jump on the “attack and hate on Hillary” wagon, but seriously, are we really going to be hoodwinked again for another four to eight years while jumping up and down just because she is a woman?

I would love a strong, experienced, bad-ass woman running things, if she was an actual good-hearted person who believed in live and let live and who believed in a true renaissance that would actually produce a level playing field for everyone to become more prosperous and free. Someone like former congresswoman of Georgia, Cynthia McKinney, who actually does stand on principles, would have definitely had my vote.

Some of the things Hillary talks about sound great if she actually meant them and if she didn’t put in and support policies that are completely contradictory. Let’s face it, she is a corrupt politician who is a part of the ongoing Bush-Clinton saga and whose history has too many red flags to name. But I’ll still try to name just a few here.

  • She stole the election from Bernie Sanders with the Associated Press and the rest of the mainstream media by announcing a premature victory because of secretive surveys conducted with unpledged superdelegates; which in itself is an undemocratic order.
  • Google teamed up with her campaign to hide unfavorable searches of her—”crooked Hillary,” said to being one of them—according to WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange.
  • “EmailGate” where she used a private server for international classified information.
  • As Secretary of State, her interference and support of radical opposition in Libya and Syria which subsequently resulted in civil wars, political turmoil and destabilization; which has led to the current migrant crisis around the world.
  • A stand down in Benghazi according to special forces on the ground that night, where American soldiers and diplomats lost their lives after a night of fire fighting with no security and support.
  • Allegations based off interviews—which have yet to be charged as libel— of Hillary threatening multiple sexual abuse victims of her husband.
  • Supporting detrimental, permanent programs like NAFTA, the banker bailout and Obamacare.
  • The Clinton Foundation receiving millions of dollars from defense contractors and human rights-violating countries like Saudi Arabia in exchange for weapons exports and of course hundreds of thousands from Goldman Sachs for speaking engagements.

After reading in to all of this would you still trust or promote a person like this to fix the country? Yes, we can relish the fact that we may get our first female president, which is great for children to look up to, but based on character there is nothing there.  I’m not a fan of the other guy running either but at least he is calling out the corruption of the system. Plus there are other third-party candidates who might be more worthy of our votes. I don’t want to knock any good work the Clintons have accomplished or may have yet to accomplish, but researching deeper you can’t deny the foul play that they are entrenched in. I’m starting to believe that House of Cards was based off the two of them.

Lastly, I don’t like writing about election politics and am quite frankly sick of it, but there are still people out there that really buy into this junk and feel like things will change with their establishment choice. I do have more faith in people than before, though, because media-hype, voter fraud and good PR can only take you so far when the truth is so accessible these days.