Fauci: ‘Entirely conceivable’ feds recommend another COVID vaccine booster


Even though COVID-19 case totals are trending downward across the U.S., it’s possible the federal government recommends another follow-up booster shot depending on ongoing research into initial boosters’ durability, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday.

Fauci told ABC News’ “This Week” that public health officials are still studying the impact of boosters to see how long their protection lasts.

“Certainly, you are going to see the antibody levels go down — that’s natural,” he said. “But there’s an element of the immune response, B cell memory and T cell responses, where even though you do see a diminution of antibody levels, it is quite conceivable, and I hope it’s true, that the third-shot boost will give a much greater durability of protection. We’re following that very carefully. And when I say protection, I mean protection against severe disease.”