Did the CDC just end COVID-19?

Many individuals believe the COVID-19 pandemic has been largely from a litany of bad public health policies. For example, in this article, I showed how most of the guidelines the CDC proposed were completely arbitrary rules that had no value in reducing COVID-19 deaths and were primarily psychological theater designed to engineer social compliance.

The CDC’s guidelines have largely served as the framework almost everyone else has adopted for their guidelines throughout the pandemic so changes to these guidelines are highly significant. In my eyes the biggest problems with the CDC’s guidelines (and the lockdowns that resulted from them) were that:

•They created the illusion the pandemic was much worse than it was due to a large number of meaningless tests that provided false positive and the disruptions the pandemic policies created throughout everyone’s daily lives.

•They were extremely damaging to the economy and thrust many into poverty.

•They prevented countless sensible approaches that could have ended the pandemic from being utilized.

•They enabled vaccination mandates that have been extremely harmful to millions.

•They provided a justification to have mass mail-in voting which has made many doubt the integrity of the electoral system and undermined the public’s confidence in our Democracy.

These guidelines were primarily political rather than scientific and the result of zealous politicians who were highly incompetent, corrupt and likely malicious (detailed here). Since the time those policies were enacted, a federal investigation confirmed that political influences superseded sound scientific policies in the agencies responsible for overseeing the pandemic response and the individual most responsible for the COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccine mandates, Deborah Birx, admitted that the vaccines she relentlessly pushed were a scam.

Because we have gone through years of this, it is not surprising that the only thing that could actually change these guidelines were political forces. It has long been theorized one of four circumstances each of which is particularly pertinent to the 2022 midterms would emerge to at least end the pandemic:

•An upcoming election would require temporarily rescinding the pandemic policies due to widespread public dissatisfaction with complying to the guidelines and the abject failure of the government to address the pandemic (due to the policies creating the illusion of an unanswered pandemic, so revoking them to some extent “solves” the pandemic).

•A political change in Washington DC (such as the Republicans sweeping the midterms) would result in the new party rescinding the policies.

•A need to drastically increase mail-in voting for an election would result in an increase rather than decrease of the pandemic policies.

•The economic costs of the pandemic policies were no longer sustainable for the ruling interests.

The Recent COVID-19 Policies


Prior to today, the CDC’s guidelines had been largely structured to pressure workers and students to be vaccinated and to maintain a continual fear of COVID-19 (in many cases public health figures and elected officials directly admitted to doing this). These guidelines in turn have been extremely aggravating for unvaccinated workers and students to follow, but most of us have been committed enough to not vaccinating that we have found ways to deal with them.

Some of the key aspects of the CDC’s recently abandoned guidelines were:

•Going insane with highly invasive contact testing.

•If you were unvaccinated, you needed to test yourself 1-2 times a week for COVID. If you were vaccinated, you did not.

•If you were unvaccinated, you needed to wear masks at all times you were indoors. If you are vaccinated, you did not.

•If you were unvaccinated, you needed to isolate and quarantine yourself anytime you were around someone you suspected was ill and to repeatedly test yourself when this happened. If you were vaccinated, you often did not.

•You are always expected to socially distance while indoors and often to do so outdoors.

Many of the guidelines were based on the naively optimistic assumption that vaccination would result in permanent immunity in each individual to COVID-19, herd immunity rapidly developing to COVID-19, and the pandemic becoming a distant memory. These were highly flawed assumption and many knew from the get go the vaccination campaign was likely to do the exact opposite (this is important to understand so please consider reading the article below).