The Secret of Oz (REMASTERED 2022)

***This award-winning documentary has been remastered for 2022! Thank you to all of my subscribers!***

Could it be that symbols of monetary reform were embedded in the most beloved children's story of all time, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz? Could it be that these symbols point the way out of our economic troubles today?

What's the secret behind The Secret of Oz? Nations don't have to borrow money? That's right, NO MORE NATIONAL DEBT! It's the interest on the debt that's killing the economy.

The solution is nothing radical; Abraham Lincoln used it to win the Civil War. Colonial America became prosperous by this method.

Director Bill Still focuses on the populist movement of the late 1800s - the William Jennings Bryan era - when monetary reformers were strongest - right when The Wonderful Wizard of Oz as written. He offers the best solutions from the experts.