Fighting Inflation Really Means Fighting the Federal Reserve

There are surely other worlds than this—other thoughts than the thoughts of the multitude—other speculations than the speculations of the sophist.

—Edgar Allan Poe, “The Assignation”

Nothing brings out misleading or false narratives like the subject of money.

Prices over the last twenty-five months have shot up, and this development is roundly called inflation. Why? Because prices have shot up. The criminals running the government even passed an inflationary omnibus spending bill under the pretext of fighting inflation. The logic is that they can do whatever they want because we can’t stop them.

In today’s fiat world of make-believe, inflation is an increase in the money supply and is synonymous with counterfeiting (an exchange of nothing for something). As Ryan McMaken reports, “During the thirteen months between April 2020 and April 2021, money supply growth in the United States often climbed above 35 percent year over year, well above even the ‘high’ levels experienced from 2009 to 2013.”

Money supply metrics are not front-page news. Most accounts give us the hand-wringing figure of higher prices or Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation. Everyone seems to use the terms “inflation” and “CPI inflation” interchangeably, as if the two were synonymous.