The demonizing of the trucker convoy isn’t about vaccines, it’s the government defending the use of mandates for everything moving forward.

As the trucker convoy protest in Canada enters its second week, it’s actually a much more historic event than people are realizing.

First off all, this may very well be the first case of a peaceful protest that has caused the leader of a major country to flee and go into hiding. Yes, this is mostly due to Justin Trudeu being a total coward, but nonetheless, this is a historic event in modern times to happen on such a large scale and with global attention.

But beyond that is the fact that this isn’t just a fight against vaccine mandates, it’s a fight against mandates themselves.

Governments around the world wildly overstepped their authority during the pandemic and it needs to be reeled back in. It needs to be done quickly before this mandate style of government becomes the norm.

We all know that once governments gain a certain new authority, they don’t easily relinquish it. This a historical fact, and the pandemic mandates are no different.

This is why today you are seeing officials in Canada denouncing the trucker protestors as an “insurrection” and even labeling them as “terrorists”.

Ottawa’s city Councilwoman Diane Deans Said the following today regarding the protests.

“This is a nationwide insurrection. This is madness”

We can’t allow this kind of terrorism in our community to continue this way.

That type of language to describe peaceful protestors is more like what you hear in China or the old Soviet Union when people would oppose the government. They would be labeled as “insurrectionists” and then jailed and punished to send a message to anyone else.

That’s what is going on in Canada, and sadly it already happened here in America.

We’ve written on this site about how the treatment of the January 6th protestors is why you saw very few protests against mandates here in America. Most were only a few dozen at the most. The reason is that people were frightened to protest against the official narrative. Only establishment-approved protests, like BLM, are allowed.

Now Canada appears to be following the same playbook. They want to label these truckers as “insurrectionists” and even terrorists, then they will be unfairly prosecuted. Thus sending a message to any that follow in their footsteps.

Canadians and Americans can’t allow this to happen. If they do, not only will they lose the fight over mandates which will become the de facto form of government moving forward. They will lose any right to peacefully protest without the fear of being labeled a terrorist.

So the trucker convoy situation is actually much larger and more important than many realize. It’s not even about vaccines anymore, it’s about the most fundamental freedoms we have.