Jimmy Fallon Sings A COVID Song...

he only thing as protracted and exhausting as the ongoing global pandemic is the epidemic of late-night writers’ rooms attempting to create a silly song and dance about COVID-19.

Last week, a clearly miserable Jimmy Fallon was seemingly forced at gunpoint to perform a “tiny song” about the COVID Variant XBB.1.5 on The Tonight Show. A frowning Fallon spent ninety of the worst seconds of his life side-stepping and swinging his arms while talk-singing a B-52’s-style song which stole all of the low-hanging jokes about the new variant’s cumbersome name that Twitter had already been making since the new strain first made headlines weeks ago.

Commenters from across the political spectrum have been panning the mediocre performance as flippant and low-effort – you know it’s bleak when even Fox News thinks something is “cringe.”