US Officials Warn Israeli Disruptions to Aid Is ‘Turning Gaza into Mogadishu’

Creator: EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid 

The White House has asked the Israeli government to end attacks on police in Gaza. Targeting the civil police force has caused more chaos in the Strip and made aid distribution nearly impossible. US officials believe that the Israeli actions to prevent aid deliveries in Gaza are creating a humanitarian crisis similar to the situation that once existed in Mogadishu.

Axios reported speaking with American and Israeli officials who said Washington has asked Tel Aviv to stop targeting the police force in Gaza. The police force was working with international aid groups to distribute aid in the Strip.

As almost all of the 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza are struggling to find food to eat, aid convoys have been mobbed and prevented from reaching their destination. The police force halted the escorts after Israeli forces began targeting the police.

Tel Aviv has taken several other steps to restrict aid deliveries into Gaza. The Israeli Finance Minister is preventing the distribution of US-funded food shipments into the Strip. The Israeli government has also installed an onerous inspection regime for all aid entering Gaza. The inspections remove life-saving medications from shipments and create bottlenecks that slow delivery.