Top EU Official Says Israel Created Hamas to Divide Palestinians

Credit: Florian Gaertner/\r

The European Union foreign policy chief explained that the Israeli government created Hamas to divide the Palestinians. Several top Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have gloated about using Hamas to divide the Palestinians and prevent international pressure on Tel Aviv to agree to a two-state solution. 

High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell explained his view on the relationship between Israel and Hamas on Monday. “It is an unquestionable reality that Israel has bet on dividing the Palestinians, creating a force to oppose Fatah.”

Borrell made similar remarks last month. “We believe that a two-state solution must be imposed from outside to bring peace. Although, I insist, Israel is reaffirming its refusal (of this solution), and to prevent it they have gone so far as to create Hamas themselves,” he said. “Hamas has been financed by the Israeli government to try to weaken the Palestinian Authority of Fatah.”

He clarified his position during the forum on Monday. “I do not say that [Israel] financed it by sending a check, but it has enabled the development of Hamas as a rival to the leading Palestinian party.”