India questions efficacy of UN system, abstains on resolution that marked a year of Russia-Ukraine war

Questioning the efficacy of the United Nations in maintaining global peace, India has abstained from voting at the international organisation’s General Assembly on a resolution, which has asked Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine and end the war that has been raging on over the past one year.

New Delhi refrained from supporting the resolution, brushing aside pleas, not only from Kyiv, but also from Paris, Berlin and other western capitals as well as the European Union. The resolution, however, was adopted by the UN General Assembly, with 141 nations voting in its favour and seven against it. India joined Pakistan, China and 29 other nations to abstain from voting.

“Has the UN system, and particularly its principal organ, the UN Security Council, based on a 1945-world construct, not been rendered ineffective to address contemporary challenges to global peace and security?” New Delhi’s envoy to the UN, Ruchira Kamboj, wondered, as she presented an explanation to India’s decision to abstain from voting on the resolution on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. “Are we anywhere near a possible solution acceptable to both sides?”