'We Are Lost': Yemenis Face Eighth Year of Struggle as War Grinds On

Khaled Rmeishi, 16, has spent half his life watching Yemen, and his hopes for the future, collapse under a war that has pushed millions in the long-impoverished Arabian peninsula country deeper into poverty and hunger.

Rmeishi, who is in the ninth grade, helps his family by working at his father's car repair garage in the capital Sanaa and hopes later to have a trade job as a mechanic, plumber or electrician.

"When I first started my education, when I first went to school, all I saw was war ... It affected my schooling, my work, it affected everyone," he said at the garage, where he washed and polished a blue sedan and fixed a bumper.

"We've wasted enough years of our lives. I hope the war will stop and that we will live in peace and security."