Russia no longer has full control of Luhansk region after Ukraine captures village

Ukraine has recaptured a village close to the eastern city of Lysychansk, in a small but symbolic victory that means Russia no longer has full control of the Luhansk region, one of Vladimir Putin’s key war aims.

Luhansk’s governor, Serhiy Haidai, said Ukraine’s armed forces were in “complete control” of Bilohorivka. “It’s a suburb of Lysychansk. Soon we will drive these scumbags out of there with a broom,” he said. “Step by step, centimetre by centimetre, we will liberate our entire land from the invaders.”

Video footage shared on Telegram showed Ukrainian soldiers patrolling on foot down a ruined street. Russian forces had occupied all of Luhansk province for the past two and a half months. After a long and grinding battle, Ukraine’s general staff decided to retreat in July from the cities of Sievierdonetsk and Lysychansk.