The Murder Rate Per Capita in Chicago Is Higher Than the Civilian Death Rate Per Capita From the Ukraine-Russia War

Image Credit:Noah Coffey- Flickr

When I posted a short Twitter thread revealing the numbers comparing civilian deaths during the Ukraine-Russia war to the murders in Chicago this year, I was shocked by the DMs I started getting instantly. Since I don't block people and I have open DMs, I'm accustomed to heinous attacks. What made these attacks different was that they were attacking my math, which is correct.

They usually just call me fat, stupid, racist, a bad Christian, a "MAGAt," or something else subjective. This time they started hitting me as a Russian apologist for reporting publicly available statistics.

Here are the numbers, as I posted on Twitter:

Do the math yourself. It checks out.

To look at the numbers a different way, 11.88 per 100,000 Ukrainian citizens have been killed from the ongoing invasion to date. 14.49 per 100,000 Chicago citizens have been murdered so far in 2022.

Granted, the Ukraine War didn't start until February so Chicago gets over a month-and-a-half "advantage," but we're talking about murder in a major U.S. city versus a literal war zone. The numbers shouldn't be this close.

The first Tweet prompted some responses. The second Tweet with the numbers actually drew in more responses via DM than the first. But it was the third Tweet in the thread that apparently really chapped the khakis of both Ukraine war-supporters and gun-control tyrants.

As I posted on Twitter:

How could Chicago have a higher per capita murder rate than the civilian death rate in Ukraine?


  • The war in Ukraine isn't as devastating as they want us to believe

  • Heavily gun-controlled Chicago is more dangerous for citizens than an active war zone

  • Both

We have sent billions of taxpayer dollars to support Ukraine's corrupt government, not to help the people of Ukraine. That war effort is futile and our aid is ineffective, which should make you ask what the real motivation is behind it all.