Morocco to Sell US Over 100 Tanks for Ukraine After Secret Negotiations

The United States and the Netherlands are set to buy dozens of T-72 tanks from Morocco and then forward the weapons on to Ukraine, in a deal negotiated in secret between Washington and Rabat. Notably, the move marks a deviation from Morocco’s neutral stance toward the conflict with Russia.

Under the agreement, the US and the Netherlands will buy 90 T-72B Main Battle Tanks for $95 million, and there is an option to add 30 tanks to the sale next year. Rabat will provide spare parts, and the tanks will be upgraded by Excalibur, a Czech military contractor. 

Though Morocco owns the vehicles, at least some are already undergoing upgrades in the Czech Republic. The first five tanks will be sent out next week, while Excalibur plans to ship 18 T-72s by the end of the year, according to the company’s commercial director Richard Kubena. The Czech Ministry of Defense confirmed the sale in a statement, saying “the final customer has satisfied the request of the above-mentioned countries and considers the agreement reached on the transfer of tanks (in exchange for other equipment) as assistance to the government of Ukraine.”