How four years of US sanctions have devastated Iran's economy

Several months after negotiations seeking a return to the Iran nuclear deal reached their final round and a resolution was in sight, the talks have stalled, with fears that they could collapse altogether.

All the while, international sanctions have continued, with ordinary Iranians bearing the brunt as economic tremors make daily life harder for them.

After years of being financially blacklisted by the international community, Iran has learned to cope. However, the steady inflation, devaluation of the Iranian rial, and declining Global Domestic Product (GDP) have culminated in a crisis. 

"Families that can only spend so much have to change what they put in their basket - many Iranians are consuming less meat, buying fewer speciality foods, and are even worrying about the cost of staples such as rice and bread," Esfyandar Batmanghlidj, a visiting fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, told Middle East Eye.