Canada: COVID-19 vaccine passports could be reintroduced this autumn, feds say

The federal government is ready to reinstate COVID-19 vaccine mandates this autumn should the epidemiological situation deteriorate, federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said on Tuesday, and this time the mandatory minimum number of inoculations could be three or even four doses.

“The keyword today is ‘transition’,” Duclos told reporters during a press conference to announce that vaccine passports would no longer be required for travellers and federal employees.

The minister said the transition would discard the concept of being “fully vaccinated” and replace it with “up-to-date” vaccination status.

“Two doses are no longer sufficient to protect against infections and transmission, and that’s why we’re making a transition to an up-to-date definition of vaccination,” he said. “An up-to-date vaccination status for the vast majority of Quebecers is a three-dose vaccination. For some Quebecers, it’s four doses.”