Israeli Military Presents Iran Strike Scenarios

The Israeli military has presented the country's political leadership with several possible scenarios for striking targets in Iran, but emphasized that it would be difficult to determine the outcome of such strikes or assess how it would affect Tehran's nuclear program.

The military says that as part of its preparations in past months for a possible attack on Iran, it has been acquiring advanced weapons, conducting air force training exercises and collecting new strike targets for Military Intelligence's target bank. The IDF was given an additional budget of 9 billion shekels ($2.9 billion) for this purpose.

Military officials said the IDF will be ready to strike Iran as soon as the government gives its approval. According to the military, it is also preparing for the consequences of striking Iran, including a round of fighting with Hezbollah in Lebanon or Hamas in the Gaza Strip. In this scenario, the IDF is laying the groundwork to make the terror groups pay a heavy toll, and to make significant gains on these fronts.