NYU, Columbia, Yale Crack Down On Demonstrators As Anti-Israel Protests Intensify

Several pro-Palestinian protests at major universities have been forcibly shut down, as tension simmer over the Israel-Hamas war.

The protests, which have been growing in size and intensity over the last week, were met with aggressive crackdowns from school administrators and police, as a wave of arrests, suspensions and canceled classes. Last week, officials at Columbia University called the cops to remove demonstrators who want the school to exit all investments that benefit the government of Israel amid the rising death toll in Gaza, which now stands at more than 34,000 according to local health officials. The war was sparked by the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on southern Israel, in which militants killed around 1,200 people (mostly civilians), and took 250 hostages.

Demonstrators have been setting up encampments which have swelled to hundreds of protesters who are demanding that their schools condemn Israel's assault on Gaza and divest from companies that sell weapons to Israel.