Nearly 50,000 People in Wisconsin Cast Protest Vote Against Gaza Slaughter in Democratic Primary

Credit: Kaya

On Tuesday, nearly 50,000 people cast votes for “uninstructed” in the Wisconsin Democratic primary as a way to protest President Biden’s full-throated support for the Israeli slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza.

The 48,091 votes accounted for 8.3% of the primary and far exceeded the organizers’ goal of 20,682, the margin of victory for Biden in Wisconsin for the 2020 election.

In Connecticut, 7,484 people cast protest votes for “uncommitted,” accounting for 11.4% of the primary. The Rhode Island primary saw 3,766 votes, or 14.9% “uncommitted.”

Across the country, people have been voting “uncommitted” or “instructed” in Democratic primaries if it’s available on the ballot. In Michigan, a significant swing state with a sizeable Arab population, over 100,000 voted “uncommitted.”