Leaked Cell Phone Location Data Reveals 200 Mystery Guests On Epstein's "Pedo Island"

Credit: Navin75

Data from nearly 200 mobile devices reveal the exact path taken by visitors to Jeffrey Epstein's notorious 'pedo island,' which was tracked to 80 cities around the world spanning 26 states or territories.

The data, obtained by Wired, came from recently bankrupt company Near Intelligence, which allegedly traced the phones which went to and from Little Saint James island, where Epstein allegedly ran an underage sex trafficking network.

Near Intelligence, which rebranded itself Azira amid an internal fraud scandal and other controversies, mapped out more than 11,000 coordinates from 166 locations. Some of the locations point to gated communities in Michigan, Florida, as well as homes in Martha's Vineyard and Nantuckett and a nightclub in Miami, according to the report.

The coordinates that Near Intelligence collected and left exposed online pinpoint locations to within a few centimeters of space. Visitors were tracked as they moved from the Ritz-Carlton on neighboring St. Thomas Island, for instance, to a specific dock at the American Yacht Harbor—a marina once co-owned by Epstein that hosts an “impressive array” of pleasure boats and mega-yachts. The data pinpointed their movements as they were transported to Epstein’s dock on Little St. James, revealing the exact routes taken to the island. -Wired