Texas leaders call for release of Uvalde video

Credit: Wikipedia Commons

A chorus of Texas state leaders on Monday called on law enforcement officials to release surveillance video from inside Robb Elementary School during the May 24 mass shooting, including Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, who is running for reelection.

"That video needs to be released, as well as the audio," Abbott told Austin ABC affiliate KVUE in an interview Monday afternoon. "The Texans need to know. But, frankly, the people of Uvalde, they deserve to get to know exactly what happened. And I urge that it happen very quickly."

The deluge of support from top politicians capped a day of finger-pointing and about-faces from state leaders. At a hearing in Austin on Monday morning, a key Texas state legislator suggested that an agreement between law enforcement and local officials to disclose a portion of the footage had been struck -- only for one of the parties to the supposed agreement to quickly rebuff that claim.