Last Year Colorado Shooter Was Arrested For A Bomb Threat Against His Mother – Mysteriously “No Formal Charges Were Pursued” And The Case “Has Since Been Sealed”

Police have identified the suspect in Saturday night’s deadly attack on an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado as Anderson Lee Aldrich, a 22-year-old with previous run-ins with the law.

Aldrich is accused of firing on patrons at Club Q in Colorado Springs, killing at least five and injuring at least 18. He had previously been arrested in June 2021 for making multiple bomb threats and refusing to surrender to police.

This man was previously responsible for bomb threats and was arrested with explosives and weapons in June of last year. Why was he out and how did he get access to an AR-15?

No formal charges were pursued in this case, which has since been sealed, according to the DA’s office.


Here’s the MEDIA RELEASE from June 18, 2021: