Google Vows To Use AI Models and Work With EU Anti-“Disinformation” Groups and Global “Fact-Checking” Groups To Censor “Misinformation,” “Hate”

Credit: Photo by Bastian Riccardi

Does the European Parliament need the “support” for its elections from a tech behemoth like Google? Google certainly thinks so, as does the EU.

And Google is doing it the best way it knows how: by manipulating information. A blog post on the giant’s site calls this “surfacing high-quality information to voters.”

And with the way content is handled by Google on its platforms and services, where something “surfaces” other things “sink” – i.e., information gets deranked.

That’s one thing to keep in mind, and another is the question, who decides and based on what criteria, what “high-quality information” is. One might say, only half-jokingly, “Democracy called and wants to know.”