There's a dark side to the rise of electric cars that could rob us of the freedom and pleasure of driving forever

New Zealand already has a ridiculously utopian Road to Zero campaign which aims to completely eradicate deaths and serious injuries from crashes.

This is the same country that found no freedom too sacred not to sacrifice on the altar of Covid Zero, and safety-obsessed bureaucrats are behind both unrealistic schemes.

Just as there was no price too high for preventing even a single Covid death, the nanny state will never stop eroding our driving freedoms as long as they can say they are saving lives.

And electric vehicles give the virtue signalling paternalists the perfect mechanism for protecting us from ourselves - computer cars that can be controlled or even switched off remotely.

Online data collection and the pandemic have shown us that we are more than happy to exchange freedoms for convenience and safety.

And it's a very short step from self-driving electric cars that obey you to those that obey the government instead - for your own good, of course.