Humans may ‘evolve’ to have deformed bodies, second eyelid from overusing technology

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CERRITOS, Calif. — Hunched back, clawed-hands, and second eyelids could be common features of human anatomy in the future, a recent computer model reveals. The shocking, hopefully tongue-in-cheek report warns that overusing technology could somehow steer human evolution in a direction that leaves people looking deformed compared to what we consider normal today.

There’s no question technology now plays a constant role in the lives of many people, but what is all that screen time really doing to the human body? Researchers worked with a 3D designer to create images of a “future human” that accounts for all of the problems long-term tech use may cause. Though StudyFinds takes a neutral stand on the content we post and leaves it to our readers to debate or debunk, we certainly can’t help but raise an eyelid…or two…on these images. After all, how could this creature be the result of natural selection?

Specifically, they were inspired by a poll that found the typical American uses the Internet for seven hours a day. With that in mind, the team factored in a wide range of scientific studies and expert opinions examining the physical and mental changes that come from consistent exposure to smartphones, laptops, and television. The results were shocking.