DuckDuckGo Not Totally Private: It Allows Microsoft Trackers

If you’re concerned about Internet privacy and started using the DuckDuckGo browser or search engine with no concerns that your data wasn’t private, you’ll want to read on. While many people eschewed Google and Microsoft, opting for the privacy provided by DuckDuckGo, they’re not really in the clear. DuckDuckGo gets its search results from Microsoft’s Bing search engine, and it’s now come to light that DuckDuckGo doesn’t block Microsoft’s trackers.

In truth, DuckDuckGo gets most of its results from Bing, though all results are from other search engines. It has gained fans with its claim that it strips trackers from the results before it displays them.

However, if you click a Microsoft ad, your IP address is sent to Microsoft. Some users already know that, and DuckDuckGo did not try to hide it. What’s at question, though, is how much of your data is being shared with Microsoft.