US House of Representatives Blocks Prominent News Website, The Gateway Pundit

Credit: Reclaim the Net

Last Thursday afternoon, The Gateway Pundit, a prominent conservative news platform, discovered that its website was covertly being blocked on the network within the US House of Representatives. Through reliable insiders present in the halls of Capitol Hill, this unsettling news reached the team at The Gateway Pundit.

It began with an email from a staffer working for Congressman Paul Gosar. Addressing the news platform directly in his email, he drew attention to his prolonged inability, continuing for two weeks, to access The Gateway Pundit on the House network. This electronic missive was bolstered with a snapshot of the aforementioned restriction as seen on the staffer’s computer while attempting to visit the site.

Jordan Conradson, a Washington DC-based reporter for The Gateway Pundit, established contact with Anthony Foti, Communications Director for Congressman Gosar. After confirming that a similar error manifested on various government-distributed computers utilized by the Congressman’s staff, Foti went on to explain a startling reality. According to his information, obstruction of this nature transpired whenever these computers, controlled by a House Admin Office-sanctioned firewall, identified any website as “unofficial.”