Biden Accuses Trump Of Spinning "Web Of Lies" While Promising To "Defend Democracy" In Jan. 6 Speech

Just as expected, President Biden came out swinging in his speech Thursday morning, but still somehow missed the mark. Although he never mentioned Trump by name, the 79-year-old geriatric president tried his hardest to sound virile. "I will stand in the breach. I will defend this nation. And I will allow no one to put a dagger to the throat of American democracy," Biden announced. At this point, we're mostly surprised he managed to wake up this early.

In its review of the speech, the NYT wondered if this is a preview of the kind of rhetoric Americans are likely to see heading into the midterms this fall - and 2024 just around the corner after that. The strategy worked for Dems in 2020, but has been less effective in the months since, as the electorate has focused mostly on surging inflation and COVID numbers, issues that directly impact most Americans. At one point, Biden proclaimed that his predecessor wasn't just "a former president but a defeated former president". He also blasted Trump for doing "nothing" for hours as the "assault" on the Capitol ground on. He also accused his main political rival of spinning a "web of lies" and for placing his own ego above protecting Democracy.