China's 5th wave of outbreak arrives/People are in crisis on all fronts

This is a common sight for many Chinese people these days, a cordoned-off area. It’s a symbol of the Chinese Communist Party or CCP's Covid zero policy, so strict, ruthless, and reckless. The father was helpless in the face of the suddenly erected cordon, left looking at his son who was separated from him, while several police officers on guard refused to let the father pick up his child. Under China's red regime, no officials are held responsible for the social standstill, business closures, economic decline, loss of livelihoods, and collateral disasters caused by extreme epidemic prevention and control policies. However, officials could lose their job when they fail to cover up outbreaks. Against this backdrop, the cycle of mass nucleic acid testing, city closures, and quarantines is virtually unstoppable as long as there is an outbreak.