Offshore leak exposes financial secrets of Ghislaine Maxwell’s family

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell occupied the highest reaches of society, hobnobbing with royalty and world leaders while hopscotching the globe on Epstein’s private jets.

Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial last December, which resulted in her conviction on five of six counts, with sentencing scheduled for late this month, showed how the pair used their money, power and vast global connections to recruit, groom and sexually abuse girls across multiple continents.

But the full scope of how they built their wealth remains a mystery. Epstein’s death in federal custody in August 2019 may have closed the door on a complete accounting of his riches — especially since the beneficiaries of his inheritance remain a secret — but Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial offered a glimpse into how she and Epstein operated, using offshore companies to build, disguise and conceal their wealth.