Brazil Rebrands Internet Censorship Amid Pushback

Brazil has caused quite a stir lately when the country’s ongoing internet censorship policies and actions hit the international limelight, thanks to a clash between Superior Electoral Court President Alexandre de Moraes, a long-time champion of those policies, and X owner Elon Musk.

But Musk is by no means the only one pushing back against censorship demands – many in Brazil do as well, so the authorities there recently decided to go into damage control mode and attempt to “rebrand” censorship legislation.

Up until this point, the general policy was known (and according to the local press, unpopular) as, regulation of social networks, but now, it is to be referred to as – laws meant to usher in “free, responsible, and transparent internet.”

This specifically refers to Congressional Bill 2630, “Law on Freedom, Responsibility and Transparency on the Internet” – which the media in Brazil like to call the Fake News Bill and Censorship Bill.