JPMorgan-Epstein Lawsuit Amended By Virgin Islands; 'Client List' Shortened, Staley And Dubin Ties Unredacted

The US Virgin Islands case against JP Morgan just got even weirder.

Recall that in late December, Attorney General Denise George sued the bank, claiming they reaped financial benefits from Epstein's sex-trafficking operation.

Three days later, George was fired.

The original complaint against the bank filed by George included a lengthy-but-redacted section on "High Net Worth Clients" Epstein brought to JPMorgan. It had 11 separate entries spanning three pages of the complaint - which James O'Keefe of Project Veritas wants to get his hands on.


The original complaint notes that Epstein had an extensive relationship with former JPM Exec Jes Staley, who was CEO of Barclays until he resigned in 2001 over his ties to the pedophile.

However, one week after George's firing, the US Virgin Islands has filed an amended complaint which significantly shortens the "High Net Worth Clients" list to just three entries, and unredacts a name we already knew about; Glenn Dubin, the owner of Highbridge Capital Management whose wife once told Epstein's probation officer that she was "100% comfortable" with Jeffrey Epstein being around her minor children.