Seattle Police Led ‘Misinformation Effort’ Invoking Proud Boys’ Name During 2020 Protests

The Office of Police Accountability (OPA) has concluded its probe into the actions of Seattle Police in June 2020 during racial protests in the US and found that the department had led a “misinformation effort” on one of the days faking chatter on police radio frequencies involving the name of the right-wing group, the Proud Boys.

The fake police radio chatter suggesting that right-wing group members were moving towards the Capitol Hill neighbourhood prompted protesters stationed there in 2020 to build barricades and arm themselves, further escalating the situation in Seattle.

According to the probe, an unnamed member of the Seattle Police Department “approved, ordered, and led” the effort on the night of 8 June 2020 when several police officers mimicked communication on police radio channels during which they falsely claimed that a group of Proud Boys was moving towards the Capitol Hill district.