Globalist WEF Speaker Complains Elon Musk’s X Is “Toxic” And “Scary”

The globalist Davos confab has gotten underway and they’re already talking about how evil Elon Musk and X is, with one guest complaining that the platform formerly known as Twitter is “toxic” and now it’s new name is “scary”

The World Economic Forum elites flocked to Switzerland in their private jets and helicopters, and will stay there all week with arch globalist Klaus Schwabb at the helm.

A juicy tidbit has already emerged, with Harvard Professor of the History of Science Naomi Oreskes and President of swissuniversities Luciana Vaccaro whining about how “dangerous”problematic” X is.

Oreskes declared “For a long time, I was on Twitter, And now it’s become such a toxic place that I’ve concluded it’s not a worthwhile place to spend time. And as you said, it is exhausting.”