World Govt Summit Panelist Says Major ‘Shock Will Happen’ To Accelerate NWO Transformation – Schwab Warns Of ‘Black Swan’ Event

Professor Arturo Bris of the IMD World Competitiveness Center made a disturbing comment while speaking at the 2023 World Government Summit in Dubai.

In a video clip going viral this week, Bris asked the audience how a transition from the current world order to a “new” world order will take place.

“I totally agree that the world order, the way it is built today, doesn’t make any sense,” he explained. “It is not in line with the economic powers like India, Brazil or Germany. They don’t have a massive role in the international order. But to me, the big question is how we are going to go through this transformation. It cannot be gradual. It has to be, has to be, driven by a part, by a certain shock that will happen. So now we will reconsider this entire…”

Would anyone put it past the psychopathic elite to usher in a planned crisis in order to speed up their world takeover agenda?

In another headline-worthy moment from the World Government Summit, WEF founder Klaus Schwab told the globalists those of them who are able to master emerging technologies “will be the masters of the world.”

In a highly-suspicious remark, Schwab commented on “resilience,” saying there “will be certainly what we call a black swan” surprise which will inevitably take place.

He focused on “resilience” because he says humanity will have to recover from these negative “black swan” events as part of his Great Reset agenda.

A black swan event is typically used to describe a market crash in the financial world.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk also addressed the group of NWO pawns, only he warned them of the perils that will likely come along with their nefarious plans to enslave humanity.