Gates Foundation Doubles Down on Push For Digital ID and Payments in Nigeria

Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum, and various “enlisted” UN agencies (and the EU not far behind) all in one place – what could go right?

This time, the “joint undertaking” is the promotion of digital public infrastructure (DPI).

Save the UN, which is supposed to be “the world organization,” all these other actors blatantly represent rich elites; but a lot of their focus with the DPI push is now on underdeveloped or developing countries of “the third world.”

There are two schools of thought about why this is so: that these entities and individuals are genuine, selfless benefactors who want to share their good fortune by, say, “making the world a better place”; or, that they purposefully target countries where legislation and regulation makes it easier to carry out many types of social, economic, etc. experiments than would be the case “at home.”