[Full Book] Rockefeller "Internationalist": The Man Who Misrules the World

For the fourth time within half a century, the people of the United States have found themselves drawn into and forced to fight a war that was not their concern and in which it was not their desire or will to participate. On each occasion the nation was tricked into war by the same clique. The more observant and intelligent sections of the public have sensed that there is a power behind and above the government that controls it and dictates its actions without regard to the will of the people. That power has thus far been immune to exposure. So insolently confident has this power become that in the last two wars precipitated by them, World War II and the Korean War, they have not even made a pretense of complying with the form prescribed by the Constitution, declaration of war by Congress. In violation of the Constitution, the United States has been thrown into the wars by "royal" edict issued by the power behind the Government, though ostensibly at the instance of the Presidents who have been their puppets, after incidents obviously incited by them through their pawns in our own and foreign governments.

There can be no question, at this late date, that our Government in Washington, for several decades past, has been, and now is, very largely composed of subversives, Communists and their fellow travellers and traitors. Only a few of them have as yet openly confessed their betrayal of our land to Communist Russia and to other foreign agencies. A large number have been exposed as involved in the treason. A very small fraction of the number involved have been caught in the act of treason or perjury in connection with treason, and convicted.

The trials and convictions of Alger Hiss, Judy Coplon and William Remington, and the confession of Lee Pressman, among others, have given the nation, at the expense of millions of dollars, legal proof of 8 what has been obvious for decades to the intelligent citizenry—that the nation has been betrayed persistently by treason of a wide array of public servants who range from the top policy-makers, such as the "father" of the United Nations, former Assistant Secretary of State, Alger Hiss, to the lowliest clerks.