McEnroe Says It’s “A Joke” Djokovic Won’t Be Allowed to Compete at US Open

Tennis legend John McEnroe says it’s a “joke” that Wimbledon winner Novak Djokovic is still not allowed to compete in the US Open due to his vaccination status.

Despite unvaccinated Americans being allowed to compete at the Grand Slam, Djokovic won’t be able to participate due to Biden administration rules that still insist anyone traveling to the United States must show proof of vaccination before boarding a flight entering the country.

McEnroe asserted that Djokovic was being unfairly treated.

“I don’t think it’s fair,” McEnroe told reporters on Tuesday. “I think it’s a joke.”

“I would have had the vaccine and gone and played but he’s got very strong beliefs and you have to respect that,” he added.

The four time US Open winner suggested that the pandemic has almost run its course and that people shouldn’t be punished for not taking the shot.

“At this point, in the pandemic, we’re two-and-a-half years in, I think people in all parts of the world know more about it, and the idea that he can’t travel here to play, to me is a joke,” said McEnroe.

While Djokovic has not officially withdrawn from the tournament, it is due to get underway next week and the Serbian star simply won’t be there.

McEnroe said that the unfair punishment metered out to Djokovic has harmed his career and allowed rival Rafa Nadal to benefit.

The Serbian, who has won the US Open three times before, won’t risk traveling to the country and experiencing a repeat of his atrocious treatment by authorities in Australia, which ended up in him being deported.

Some have suggested tongue-in-cheek that Djokovic should just join a migrant caravan and sneak across the border, given that there are zero vaccine checks on those people entering America.