Residents of this state pay $987,117 in lifetime taxes


With Tax Day approaching, here’s a sobering thought: The average American pays $524,625 in taxes in their lifetime, according to a new study.

The report also ranks states on lifetime tax costs. And if you live in the Northeast, you may want to sit down for this:

New Jersey residents pay $987,117 in lifetime taxes, the analysis found, the highest tab in the nation. Washington, D.C., comes second, with a lifetime tax burden of $884,820. Connecticut and Massachusetts are third and fourth, at $855,307 and $816,700.

The lowest-tax state is West Virginia, with a lifetime cost of $358,407.

The report comes from the personal finance site Self Financial, based on research collected in January and February 2024. It considers taxes on income, homes, cars, clothing, food, drink, entertainment and personal care, drawing from tax data and several research sources, including the American Community Survey, the federal Consumer Expenditure Survey and Zillow.