FTC launches investigation into reports baby formula firms and whether the GOVERNMENT contributed

The Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday launched an investigation into the ongoing baby formula shortage that's put a strain on American families across the country.

The body will look into whether formula suppliers engaged in 'deceptive, fraudulent, or otherwise unfair business practices' to 'take advantage' of Americans as well as what elements contributed to the fragility of the product's supply chain and concentration of the majority of the market into a few companies. 

It also encourages Americans to speak out on whether the believe any policies created by the federal and state governments contributed to the crisis, as the Biden administration desperately works to alleviate the strain after being criticized for not acting sooner.

'We have been monitoring and will continue to monitor the ongoing infant formula shortage which is causing enormous anxiety, fear, and financial burden for American families,' FTC Chair Lina Khan said in a statement.