US Officials See Ukraine as an Active and Bountiful Military Research Opportunity


American officials speaking with the Washington Post described the ongoing war in Ukraine as providing Washington with ample information about Russian war-fighting strategies. The report comes as Kiev struggles to field enough forces to prevent Moscow from capturing more territory. 

“The war remains an active and bountiful research opportunity for American military planners as they look to the future, officials say,” the Post reported. A senior defense official explained, “We immersed them in this conflict to make sure they were understanding the implications for warfare.” A second official told the outlet that the Ukraine war will be “an enduring resource.”

While the information gained for the war may benefit Washington, Kiev is losing on the battlefield. According to a soldier who escaped the Avdiivka and spoke with the Associated Press, the Ukrainians were outnumbered five to one. Additionally, hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers were killed or captured as Russian forces conquered the city.