Report: Iran Attack Delays Israel’s Invasion of Rafah

Iran’s reprisal attack on Israel has delayed Israeli plans to invade the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah, CNN reported on Monday, citing Israeli sources.

The sources said that the Israeli Air Force was set to drop leaflets on Rafah on Monday to tell the more than 1 million civilians who are in the city that an offensive was coming. But the plan was put on hold as the Israeli War Cabinet is debating how to respond to Iran firing over 300 missiles and drones at Israeli territory, which came in response to Israel bombing Iran’s consulate in Damascus.

The US has claimed it’s opposed to an Israeli invasion of Rafah since it would incur huge civilian casualties and further disrupt aid coming in from Egypt. But the fact that Israel was planning to drop leaflets on the city demonstrates that President Biden is not putting any real pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.