Dutch Are Lone Supporters Of Macron's 'EU Boots On The Ground In Ukraine' Plan

French President Emmanuel Macron's words at the start of the week which opened the door to European 'boots on the ground in Ukraine' elicited shock, dismay and caution even from within the Western allies. NATO itself scrambled to assure the world that it has no plans to deploy troops inside Ukraine, with Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg rejecting the idea in remarks, given it would certainly mean automatic WW3.

According to CNN, "Macron had told reporters at a news conference that while he and the other 21 European leaders present did not agree on deploying military personnelthe prospect was discussed openly." Even typically hawkish countries Poland and the UK distanced themselves from such a possibility. 

However one tiny NATO country did step up to back Macron's words. The Netherlands has said it won't rule out sending Western troops to Ukraine. Dutch Chief of Defense, General Onno Eichelsheim, told an Amsterdam-based news outlet that while it's a possibility it is "not yet opportune" to do so."I think you should keep all options open to see how you can best support Ukraine," Eichelsheim said.

According to more from the Dutch interview

Ukraine has not asked the Netherlands to send troops and there is no point in discussing it at the moment, Eichelsheim added. If Western militaries were to go to Ukraine, it would have to be in a coalition, the Dutch military chef said. "This could either happen via NATO or via an alliance of 10-15 countries."

"It would be very odd if one or two countries did it," he added.