Lawyers say alleged Club Q shooter is nonbinary & uses they/them pronouns

As authorities continue to investigate the tragic mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colorado as a potential hate crime, the suspect is reportedly nonbinary.

CBS Colorado reports that according to court documents filed on Tuesday, “Anderson Aldrich is non-binary. They use they/them pronouns, and for the purposes of all formal filings, will be addressed as Mx. Aldrich.”

While documents filed Monday used he/him pronouns in reference to Aldrich, those filed on Tuesday use the prefix Mx.

The 22-year-old Aldrich was arrested at the scene of the shooting early Sunday morning after being subdued by bar patrons, including one trans woman who was previously incorrectly identified as a drag performer. Aldrich has been charged with five counts of murder and five hate crimes charges.

Earlier this week, a former friend told The Daily Beast that Aldrich frequently used anti-gay slurs. “He said things sometimes that probably should have been alarming to me,” Xavier Kraus said. “He used the term ‘fa***t’ a lot. Most of the time it came from a place of anger.”

Born Nicholas Brink, court documents show that the suspected shooter legally changed their name to “Anderson Aldrich” when they were 16.