The largest mass shooting in US history...

...was perpetuated by the US Government at Wounded Knee when they attempted to disarm the Lakota, massacring more than 350 natives including children in cold blood. How will your gun laws stop that from happening again?

You are allowing the monopoly of violence to shift hands even more to the cartels, government and police. #BlackLivesMatter??? There are psychopaths in this world that will murder no matter what. In fact, the largest school massacre in US history was in Bath Michigan from a bomb. How will your laws stop psychopaths like that in Bath?

They won't, just look at Mexico's mass shootings where gun ownership is nearly impossible. You are just taking away guns from minorities and law abiding citizens and creating even more victims to the criminals and police. Not to mention Democide which has killed tens of millions more people in the 20th Century than psychopaths and their mass shootings. If you think that would never happen here you haven't been paying attention to history or even the present situation in Ukraine. But I'm sure you're all for the Ukrainian citizens to be armed though right? #standwithukraine

The first gun laws in the country were against Black people...why was that? Research Deacons for Defense and realize you are making knee jerk reactionary laws without understanding statistics and history and are now royally fucking minorities over and not even realizing it. How about finding solutions without disarming minorities! You are creating the climate for another Sand Creek massacre.

In the words of Russell Means:

"We're all on the Reservation now"