House Advances Modified FISA Bill After Conservative Revolt, Snowden Pushes For "Biggs" Amendment

The House advanced a new version of a bill to reauthorize American's use of warrantless surveillance, opening the measure up for debate, amendments, and a final floor vote after a previous iteration of the bill was blocked Republicans.

On Friday, House lawmakers voted 213-208 to advance the modified legislation, just days after 19 Republicans joined all Democrats in voting against advancing the original version of the bill to the floor.

Now, all of the initial holdouts flipped their vote to move the bill forward - after the length of reauthorization was shortened from five years to two, and an agreement to bring Rep. Warren Davidson’s (R-OH) Fourth Amendment is Not For Sale Act to the floor sometime next week in a stand-alone vote - which would require the government to obtain a warrant before purchasing information about US citizens from data brokers.

Edward Snowden also encouraged followers to vote for the "Biggs Amendment," which requires the government to obtain a warrant in general (not just when purchasing from data brokers), and against the "HSPCI Amendments," which "EXPAND mass surveillance instead of reforming it."