One Day After Passage of Orwellian “Online Safety Bill,” UK Home Office Attacks Private Messaging


It’s not often you can say this of a UK government, but this time, they seem to be moving fast.

This comes after the guise of concern for the well-being of regular folk – children in particular – that the government has pushed for a long time, and finally managed to pass, in the form of the draconian Online Safety Bill.

And just one day after that happened, it went against what opponents have long been saying is the real purpose of it – namely harming, possibly eventually irreparably, end-to-end encryption, which happens to guarantee everybody’s safety and privacy on the internet.

But, as politics oblige, the Home Office seems to first probe what, if anything, can be done through intimidation tactics. Especially with their previous and in many cases susceptible “clients,” like Meta (Facebook.)