Yemen ceasefire extended after today’s expiration

Yemen’s two month ceasefire is set to expire today. Will the warring parties agree to extend it?

It looks like it.*According to Al Jazeera on Thursday morning the United Nations announced that parties have agreed to a two-month extension. According to an Associated Press report late Wednesday, the signs were cautiously optimistic, with the United Nations saying it had received “preliminary, positive indications” from the parties about extending the cessation of hostilities.

Ultimately, whether the Houthis and forces commanded by the newly appointed Presidential Leadership Council return to the negotiating table for the longterm, or the battlefield, depends on decisions made both inside and outside Yemen.

A crucial actor is Saudi Arabia. The Saudis have upheld one tenet of the truce by not bombing Yemen since the ceasefire went into effect on April 2. They have partially implemented other key aspects: they reportedly allowed 12 ships to unload fuel at Hodeidah port: the truce stipulated 18 fuel ships. They have also allowed three flights from Sanaa International Airport to Jordan, with the first flight to Egypt scheduled for June 1: the truce specified two commercial flights a week to Amman and Cairo.